We have been creating a lot of 18 inch doll food around here lately. It seems like once we get one project finished, another idea pops into our heads and we get right back to it again, full swing.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that summer is coming to an end. Pretty soon we are going to be back to school, back to busyness and back to having very little time for crafting. We are kind of in the middle of a last minute crafting tornado in this house. Haha!

Today I wanted to post about the little button burgers that we made. Like I have mentioned before, we have a lot of buttons. And that’s good because we find plenty of uses for them in our crafting. See some of our other button crafting here.

Back to button burgers. I originally found the idea for this at one of our favourite blogging channels AmericanGirlIdeas.com

I was hooked and I had to try it out. Here are two versions of button burgers that we came up with. They are made completely out of buttons! How cute is that?!


I mean really, this is the simplest craft ever, and it costs nothing. Just stack some buttons in coordinating colours, glue it all together, and your done!

If you want to make a side order of fries like we did, just cut out some strips of yellow craft foam.


Then fold them in half and glue.

IMG_5544 IMG_5543

Cut them to size and arrange them on your plate. For ‘ketchup’, I cut out a small piece of red craft foam and glued it on top of my pile of fries. I covered the red foam with hot glue to make it shiny. Then I sprinkled some red glitter on top.

The peas are green pony beads. First I stacked them into a little pile on some wax paper. Then I covered them all over with hot glue. Once they are hardened, peel your pile of peas off of the paper and you’re done! You can do the same with yellow beads to make corn, or use some orange beads to make carrots.

Just use your imagination!


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