Merry Christmas! From my home to yours!

Hi guys! We are finally on break from homeschool! I try to get crafty while we homeschool, but not much usually happens.

Lately I’ve felt kinda derailed too, because one of the DIY projects I was working on failed. 😟 Yep, I’m definitely not perfect. Lol! 🙃😆

Does this ever happen to you? A project fails and your mojo just goes out the window? It wasn’t a catastrophic failure by any means, but it did throw me off my game for a bit. Ah well. Live some, learn some, I guess.

Anyway, I am going to try to use my free time this next couple of weeks to get back on track. I did finish sewing the doll’s fall coats that I had started back in September, so I will post those to Instagram soon.

I am also writing again. Like most authors, I often struggle with self doubt about my writing, and I can go off of it for weeks before I can get back on track again.

Writing is hard. Let me just put that out there, probably for the billionth time. Anyone who has ever tried writing books will agree, but after writing five and publishing four novels, working on my sixth now, I have learned that resting is okay. I can rest, and it doesn’t mean I quit.

On another note, who is ready for Christmas? Not me. Lol! We have our tree up, but that is pretty much the extent of it. I did finish my shopping though, so I need to do wrapping. I have two Christmas parties as well as guests coming for dinner Christmas day. Maybe no rest for me after all. 🤣

In other news, I have finally gotten an MRI appointment booked for March, much sooner than expected to be honest. Honestly, I have left it all with God. I’ve completely given up trying to write the end of this wretched story a long time ago. All I can do is pray for answers, and hope for healing. The rest is out of my hands. ❤️

Anyhow, I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas with family, along with great food and good health!

My doggo in his new Christmas sweater.

Be well, keep smiling and have a happy holiday!



  1. Having something I’m working on fail is my most often achieved success! It is still useful though because when I take it up again, I already know one way that won’t work and come at it from another way, which hopefully will. I hope that you and your family will have a lovely Christmas and create some very pleasant memories.

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    1. That’s so true! Often when something fails for me, I can put it aside for awhile and then in time, I can come up with solutions. This time it wasn’t the case, but I can take a breath and move on. I hope you have a truly wonderful Christmas as well!! ❤️


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