Hello everyone! As you all know, we belong to a doll group on Facebook that holds an annual doll Christmas exchange! We look forward to these as well as the other exchanges throughout the year, and we have so much fun participating.

Well, now that Christmas is over, and we can’t ruin the surprise, we can finally reveal all of the doll goodies that I made for the exchange. This on top of the other Christmas doll stuff that I was working on of course, but this project was separate. 🙂 

Let’s start with the sewing! Our theme this year was Winter Wonderland, so I thought that I could create a winter mix and match wardrobe, something comfy for kicking back, and getting cozy by the fire. Here is a look at the items that I made. 

Leggings are a staple for any wardrobe, and they are a definite must for the winter wardrobe. I made four pairs, two plain and two funky. 

Baby doll dresses! These are just too cute! I used one of my favourite patterns for these. The BabyDoll Dress by 123 Mulberry Street. 

Of course, you can’t have a winter wardrobe without a cozy sweater or two, maybe even a sweater dress! I actually made the sweater dress from an old sweater that I used to own. I even reused the hems! 🙂 

Long sleeved shirts were a must this Christmas, so I had to add a couple to our winter gift exchange. I also added in a couple of tunic tank tops for layering. 

Accessories! Half the fun of dressing your doll for winter is all of the cute accessories! Neck and leg warmers, infinity scarves, hats and cozy socks, a winter wardrobe just isn’t complete without them! 

Now let’s see how everything looks on our girl, Grace! ❤ 

I am so in love with my new sewing machine when making appliqués! Check out that cute little acorn with vintage buttons! Squee!

Also, those used to be my socks, but I never wore them. They make perfect doll socks! ❤ 

This doll neck warmer can be worn two ways: as a scarf, or as a ponytail hat. 

So cute and trendy!! ❤ 

These cozy sweaters are great for lounging! 🙂

I love these leg warmers! And of course all of these items are mix and match, so they can all be interchanged to make many different outfits. 


I see a lot of these tribal print leggings in my future! So cute! I just love this look, and I have a whole ton of my own tribal leggings that I never wear that are just begging to be upcycled into dolly cuteness. 

Okay, can we just take a minute to drool over, and adore these fuzzy little dolly socks!! I made these from a pair of dollar store socks. Love! So much love!! ❤ 

I’m also dying over this little hat. Warning: Cuteness overload! ❤ 

That sparkly top is actually bronze, my camera is just struggling to pick up the colour. These longer tank tops are perfect for layering. 

Mix and Match! 

Pair it with a cute infinity scarf for more fun! Pixie Faire has a great tutorial for making these. 

I’ve been having so much fun creating modern day wardrobes for the dolls! Once all my sewing was done, I began to work on making some clay food to add to the mix, because you really can’t get cozy by the fire without some treats to munch on. 🙂

  I made a snowflake cake, some hot chocolate and some snowflake cookies. ❤ I love that cake. If you want to make adorable doll cakes, check out our cake tutorial

Grace is getting cozy by the fire!


And here’s the cake! 🙂 

My mom made that beautiful chevron crochet blanket for me. This is the pattern. I’m so jealous of anyone who can knit and crochet! 🙂 ❤ 

Thanks for joining us today! I hope that you enjoyed! 

Leave a comment below! 

❤ ❤ ❤

6 thoughts on “DOLL CHRISTMAS EXCHANGE 2018!

    1. Thank you so much! That hat is so cute! I’ve been trying to make more modern doll clothes lately, things that I would probably wear. I just can’t for the life of me pull off printed leggings which is why I have about a dozen pairs that I really need to upcycle to doll size. LOL! 🙂


  1. Everything is adorable! I especially love the socks and the neckwarmer ponytail hat. The FB gift exchange was fun. Your recipient was very lucky! I received some amazing doll food and had sent out Star Trek themed gifts to my recipient. Your food making always inspires me. If only there were more hours in the day 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I saw the photos of your Star Trek themed gifts!!! They were absolutely amazing!! Marci was over the moon to receive them!! I also saw the doll food that you received–GORGEOUS! I wish I had that kind of talent! I’m getting better at making doll food, but I’m not even close to that. Those melted snowman cookies! 😀 ❤ ❤ ❤ LOVE!!!


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