Hello everyone! I was waiting to post this because I didn’t want to ruin the surprise. Back in February, we participated in a doll Valentine’s exchange. It was similar to the Secret Santa exchange that we did for Christmas. We received a name, and an address as well as a shipping deadline. Then we set about to craft to our heart’s content everything that we could possibly think up for the dolls for Valentine’s Day. When we were all done, we wrapped it all up, and shipped it out to our recipient! It was so much fun!!

Anyway, today I wanted to do a quick post on all of the Valentine’s Day goodies that we created for the exchange! I know that it isn’t in time for Valentine’s Day, but like I said, I didn’t want to post too early, and ruin the surprise.

First up, are the cookies! We used Model Magic to make these. We couldn’t find a cookie cutter small enough, so we ended up using a silicone mold. It worked rather well. Then we brushed our cookies with tan coloured chalk. 

Next, draw two lines around the centre of your cookie with a toothpick, or other sharp clay tool. Then, use your toothpick to texture the space between the two lines. This becomes your cream filling. 

Paint the cream filling pink.

 You can leave your cookies matte, or varnish them with craft glaze. We chose to varnish ours. I just didn’t get a picture of that part. 

We used more Model Magic to create some chocolates in a box. We already had a mini chocolates box, I just created some dividers out of card for the inside. Here are the chocolates before the varnish. And here they are after the varnish! What a difference!!  But don’t eat them! They are made of clay!! To make the chocolates, I simply looked at some pictures of chocolates, which made me crave chocolate, so beware!! Then I copied some of the different kinds. If you want drizzles on top of your chocolates, roll your clay into super thin snakes, and place on top of your chocolate. Once dry, use a tiny detail brush to paint your chocolates.  

Here’s the top of the chocolate box.

 Now you can give your doll Valentine some chocolates!

Also included in our Valentine exchange package was a set of four heart shaped biscuits. These are a bit larger than the heart shaped cookies, and we included a sweet little basket to store them in. These are great for when your dolls want to go on a picnic.We used a heart shaped cookie cutter for these. We just made them thicker, and rounded the edges more. Brush with golden coloured chalk, and varnish. You could use a toothbrush to add texture to these if you want as well. You can’t have Valentine’s Day without the candy! We decided to create some candy packets for the dolls! Fun!

We have a large bucket of beads, so we just sorted through until we found some that resembled doll sized candy. The tiny baggies are ziploc, and we sized the labels to fit from images we found online.

Lollipops. (beads glued on a paperclip stick)Gumdrops. Jelly Flowers. Cube gum. Gumballs.Lifesavers.

I also made a Valentine’s cake. I love how this turned out! Okay, I’m going to let you in on a little secret here. When using Model Magic clay, it is best to let it dry for a long time before painting it. Especially if your projects are really thick, like these cakes for instance.

 When making this double decker cake, I left it to dry for a week before painting. I know, that’s not conducive to my instant gratification mantra, but I had some time for this project, so it wasn’t a big deal for me.

I used a couple of clay molds for the icing detail. I have a dab of cream mold that I used for the white icing as well as a strawberry moldAs for the writing on the bottom cake, that was all me. I just took the finest paintbrush that I had, and hoped for the best. Here’s another tip: To make perfectly round cakes, take a big ball of clay, and press it inside a packing tape/duct tape roll. Yup, the inside of a roll of either one of these tapes is the perfect size for doll cakes, people!! Just shove the clay in there, flatten it against the sides of the tape roll, and then pop it on out of there. Voila!! 🙂 

This cake is stackable! That means three cakes in one! Genius! Anyway, once the cake was painted, I glazed the whole thing with acrylic craft glaze. 🙂

Last up for the Valentine’s gift exchange was a little heart shaped container full of Valentine cards, and a cute no sew felt heart pillow.  I found the printables for these doll sized Valentine cards over at AmericanGirlIdeasThe heart ‘candies’ are plastic beads. This little pillow is constructed entirely of knots. 🙂 

We were informed that the recipient of our gift had recently received a Tenney Grant doll, so as a final touch, we created a personalized Tenney Grant necklace, and a doll sized set of keys.  ❤  These were more beads from our giant bead bucket. We have A LOT of beads.I hope you enjoyed our doll Valentine’s gift exchange projects! I know it’s not Valentine’s day anymore, but many of these items can be made for everyday.

We had so much fun with the Valentine’s Day Exchange that we signed up for the Secret Easter Exchange too, so stay tuned for that!

Of course, for now, it’s all a secret!! Shhhhh!!!

Leave a comment below!! 

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    1. Do you mean the molds for the strawberry and dab of cream? Those were Etsy finds. They are mini silicone molds. We actually purchased them a long time ago when we were making one inch minis. The mold we used for the cookies was a Wilton mini hearts silicone chocolate mold. It actually works the best to fill the mold with clay, and then put it in the freezer for a few minutes so the clay will harden a little bit, and keep its shape when you pop it out. This is only required for the cookie mold though. The smaller molds were easier to use.


  1. That is so fun! I love the idea of a doll exchange! My BFF and I do a doll Christmas party every year and the dolls always make little gifts for each other ❤ your crafts are so sweet! The cakes would be really great for birthday cakes too! My favorite is the candies 😀
    -Katie 🙂

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