Hi guys! I am so excited for today’s post! Josefina is one of my absolute favourite historicals, so this year I decided that for my birthday, I should probably have her. It was only fair. 😛

So I went ahead, and found my perfect Josie on eBay for a very wise price. She was in immaculate condition, and she came with many extras for much less than the price of a new doll!

She came with her fiesta camisa, red meet skirt with sash belt, necklace, black shoes, rebozo shawl, Christmas dress, and leather coin pouch. Isn’t she so pretty!! 

I was one happy lady on my happy birthday! 🙂 That was back in July.

Well, recently we decided that if we were going to introduce her on the blog, then she definitely needed some new skirts to wear! I broke out the AG original patterns for Josefina’s Pretty Clothes, and found a very nice skirt pattern in there that worked wonderfully to whip up some new, and pretty skirts for our Josie!! 🙂 ❤

I highly recommend the original AG patterns. If you’ve been intimidated by them in the past, don’t be. They are really worth a look. I found them to be quite manageable, and the instructions aren’t too bad. 🙂 

Little Miss claims that just because Josie was my birthday present, I still have to share her. Sigh. Oh well. LOL! 🙂

I love that I can just change out her skirt, and she gets a brand new look! I could have a whole lot of fun with this! LOL! They really don’t take much fabric to make either. 🙂

The skirts are velcro at the top in the back just like her meet skirt, and they have a fold over waistband. I like that I didn’t have to make an elastic casing, and that the waistband sits flat. ❤  I just used old pillowcases from the thrift store to make these skirts. Pillowcases are awesome for making doll clothes because they are very cheap, and you don’t have a whole bunch of leftover fabric that you don’t know what to do with after. I was also able to make two skirts out of the pillowcase on the left because it had a different pattern throughout. 

I love that these skirts are so fast and easy to make. I can just whip one up in twenty minutes, and Josie has a brand new outfit to wear! 🙂 ❤

I really do think that Josefina is one of the prettiest dolls. She is much prettier in person. I just can’t get over how lovely her face is. I am totally tickled pink to have her. 🙂

I’m going to have to make her a new camisa, and another dress the same as her Christmas dress above using the original AG patterns as well. 🙂 



Now it’s time to get busy busy busy crafting up some fun items for her!  🙂 

I hope that you enjoyed!

Leave a comment below!

❤ ❤ ❤  










  1. I need some help from you. I downloaded the Josefina pattern from
    I’m not sure who originally uploaded because every doll pattern is on there free!

    BUT I just cut out 4 skirts for Christmas presents and made the first one and something is wrong with waistband.

    It is way too long. I’m thinking they accidentally scanned waistband twice.

    Would you measure your waistband and tell me the length? I would appreciate it❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi! The waistband is exactly 29.5 cm, or just over 11.5 inches. When I cut the pattern out, there is overlap but as long as you line the waistband up where the pattern is marked then it should be fine. I hope that helps!


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