Hello blogworld!  This past Christmas, I was looking for the perfect gift for my daughter. I always like to give something homemade rather than buying up a whole lot of stuff that will just get added to the pile, and eventually forgotten about. Oh wait, I do that too. LOL! Regardless, I enjoy giving things that are made from the heart. 

During my search on Pinterest, I found something that made my heart soar! AG paper dolls! Tons of beautiful paper dolls! My heart sank only when I realized that these dolls are retired. Boo. But that didn’t mean that I couldn’t print them, and cut them all out right? 

Wait, did I really want to print, laminate, and cut out millions of paper dolls again? Remember our hundreds of Betsy McCall dolls? We treasure them still. We also did an American Girl paper doll once, which my daughter still loves to play with today.

Turns out that I did want to cut out millions of paper dolls again, because that’s what I do when it’s midnight, and I can’t sleep anyway. (Am I the only crazy mom who laminates and cuts out millions of paper dolls at midnight? LOL!)

Anyway, my daughter was quite thrilled on Christmas morning to have a beautiful collection of these paper dolls. 🙂 Enjoy!

img_5804 img_5801 img_5800 img_5799 img_5798 img_5796 img_5794 

I hope this inspires you to make your own paper doll. It doesn’t have to be a million like ours. We just got carried away as usual. LOL! We love Pinterest!!! 🙂

( I think that this is the perfect solution for someone who wants to keep all of their original AG Paper Dolls in their package uncut. These can be used for play without worrying about ruining them.)

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12 thoughts on “AG PAPER DOLLS

    1. Me too! Josefina and Kit are my favourite paper doll sets. I also really like the Addy set. Oh who am I kidding, I’m kind of obsessed with them all! LOL!


    1. If you can’t find them, they are all on Pinterest. I feel like it’s a good option for someone who doesn’t want to cut up all of their originals.


  1. Those paper dolls are lovely. I have a few of the American Girl ones. Pinterest has a lot of paper dolls to look into.


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