Awww, aren’t they sweet? ❤

Today we are here with Leena, and her big sister Suri. Leena is our Hearts4Hearts doll, and Suri is a BFC doll that we just rescued. We think that they are adorable as sisters!


Leena is a 14 inch doll similar in size to the AG Wellie Wishers. Suri is 18 inches tall, but her petite frame gives her similar features to the Hearts4Hearts dolls.


Leena: “Is Addy coming over today?” 

Suri: “She said that she would drop by later.” 


Leena: “Oh, well do you want to play?”

Suri: “I guess. What do you want to play?”

Leena: “Let’s play hairdresser.”


Suri: “Alright, fine.” 

Leena: “Okay, first we need to brush out all of these tangles. What a mess!” 

Suri: “Ow! That hurts! Maybe hairdresser isn’t such a good idea.”


Leena: “Well then what do you want to play?”

Suri: “I don’t know. Don’t you have homework or something?”

Leena: “No silly, I’m only in grade one, remember?”


Leena: “I know! We could put on a play! I could be the star of the show!”

Suri: “I don’t know. I think that’s a lot of work. Why don’t we just sit here, and wait for Addy?”

Leena: “Fine.”


Leena: “This is really boring. Are teenagers always this boring? When I’m a teenager, I’m not going to be boring. I’m going to be lots of fun. I’m going to have adventures, and write lots of stories, and I’ll probably even have my own elephant. That’s what I want the most in the world. What do you want most in the world, Suri?”

Suri: I don’t know. Maybe an elephant…oh look here’s Addy! We’re going down to the beach this afternoon, so you should probably go home, Leena.


Leena: “No way! It’s Addy! I love Addy! ‘Sides, she doesn’t want me to go home, do you Addy?” 

Addy: “Hey Leena! What are you guys up to today?”


Leena: “Well Suri is being boring like a teenager, and so I was telling her about the elephant that I’m going to get. She said that you guys are going to the beach today, and I said that was strange, because that’s exactly what I was going to do!”

Suri: “Leena, you can’t come to the beach with us.”

Leena: “Why not? Addy says I can!”


Suri: “No she didn’t. Listen, I’ll make you a deal. You go home, and I’ll talk to mom about maybe getting an elephant, okay?”


Leena: “Really? It has to be a big elephant though, one that we can ride around on. Won’t that be fun! We can ride him to school every day, and he can sleep in the garage!” 

Suri: “Sure, sure, whatever you want. Just go home, okay?”


Leena: “Hm, well now I don’t think I believe you, Suri Yasmine. I think that you would say that you might talk to mom just to stop me going to the beach with you. But then at the very last moment in time, you would tell me that you were too busy, or that you forgot. I think you would say that you had some extra time to think about it, and you decided that it was not exactly a good idea at the end. That is what I think you would do.”

Suri: “I promise, I will talk to mom. I’ll do it as soon as we get home from the beach, okay?”


Leena: “Okay, but I better come to the beach too, just to be sure that you intend to keep your promises. A girl can never be too sure.” 


Addy: “We’re not going to make it to the beach today, are we?”

Suri: (sighs) “Nope, no we’re not.”


Addy: “Alrighty then. What should we do instead?”

Leena: “I know! We could put on a play! I’m really good at acting, because I seen on TV once a show about how to be a good actress. That’s probably what I want most in the world, besides an elephant. What do you want most in the world, Addy? I know that a lot of teenagers are pretty boring. Just ask my sister, Suri. She is boring A LOT, but not you, right Addy? You’re not boring at all. Why, I bet you even have an elephant in your garage!”


❤ ❤ ❤

Aw, little sisters. I have one of my own. She is no longer so pesky as she used to be. LOL! 🙂

Do you have a sister?

Leave a comment below!



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