Hi everyone!

We are here today to show you the adorable-ness that is the MyLifeAs dining set from Walmart! I am very pleased with this set. I think it is a viable alternative to the AG dining set.

Here it is in the box.


Price $36.96 CDN


At home on my kitchen counter.


And here it is out of the box, and in the dollhouse. I had a couple of questions about this set that I thought needed addressing.

Number one: How do the chair covers work?


Let’s lift the cover, and see what’s under there. The chairs are plastic, but they are pretty sturdy. The chair covers are made of a nylon blend. They have these elastics sewn in that help them stay on the chairs.


Here it is after it is removed. I had a bit of a struggle getting it back on the chair, so I don’t know how well this would go over with kids who are younger, and want to just pull everything apart. (Why? Why do they just want to destroy everything? Can’t they just leave well enough alone?) Ahem. 🙂


I ADORE the bright colours though!


Here is one of the plastic chairs without the cover.

My second question was, what about this weighted table?


It’s weighted alright. The base of the table is very sturdy, and won’t topple over. The vase on the table however is another story. No matter what we did, we couldn’t get the vase to sit in the very centre of the tabletop. I looked and realized that it is because at the very centre of the table is a rounded dot. The vase itself isn’t very sturdy to begin with, so that dot makes it pretty difficult to set the vase in the middle of the table.


However, the little plates, cups, placemats and utensils that come with this set are absolutely adorable. I would have been even more thrilled if it would have come with some food items too, but oh well.

Let’s talk about this vase.


The flowers are attached in a bunch. They do not come apart. The vase is hollow, and as soon as you put the flowers in there, it topples over. I think a piece of tape or stick tac on the bottom is definitely in order.


All in all, and despite the silly vase, I love this set. It is cute beyond words, and the colours are perfect. I really think that MyLifeAs hit a home run with this. In fact, I will probably purchase another set for my daughter for Christmas to put in the doll condo.

Shhhh! It’s a secret! LOL!


This completes the bottom floor of my niece’s Birthday Dollhouse!

I hope you enjoyed!

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  1. Great review! I’ve been debating on picking up this set or the Journey Girls bistro set for the bakery set up. I do like the way the chairs look without the covers, they look very sturdy. Unlike the vase!


    1. Yes that vase drove me crazy! I think it would do better if it was filled with resin and the flowers just stuck in there so they would stay. That way if it still topples over, at least the flowers don’t fall out all the time.

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