Hello everybody! We are back with the next event in our Dollympics 2016 series. Be sure to check out all of our other Dollympic fun over at CanadianDollNotebook and BuzzAboutAG. This has been so much fun!

Today, we are on the field with Leonie, Saige and Charlsea for some soccer fun!


Here’s the kick off!

Saige and Leonie take the ball toward the net.


Charlsea is in net and stops the ball! She kicks it back to Saige who goes for the breakaway! She’s headed toward the other net!


Go Saige Go!!!

(Pylons have been set up to make the course more difficult for the girls. They must dribble around the obstacles in order to make a goal.)


Saige shoots and she scores!


Now it’s Leonie’s turn! She’s coming down the centre fast!


Charlsea sees her coming, and blocks the shot!


She passes the ball back to Saige, but Leonie intercepts it!


She shoots! She scores!


Charlsea passes the ball back down the field, and the game resumes with both girls making three more goals.

The final shot is up to Saige.

She takes the shot…


…and she scores! The crowd goes wild!


To make pylons for your dolls you will need:

An egg carton

Hot glue



Craft foam


Take your egg carton and examine the parts.


Remove the eggs first! 😛 If you don’t have a paper carton, a styrofoam one will work too.


Cut out some pieces and stack them on top of each other. Cut them to fit if they are lopsided. Then hot glue them together.


We used a larger piece as the base and a smaller, conical shape for the top.


Cut out a piece of craft foam in the colour of your choice for the base of the pylon.

Hot glue the entire thing together and paint the top to match the bottom.


And you’re done. You can use a layer of mod podge to seal it if you plan on taking your soccer game outside. 🙂


Now you can set up a fun course for your dolls to use to do their dribble exercises!

I hope you had fun at the Dollympics today! Stay tuned for more exciting coverage as our dolls compete for 2016!

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