Hi all! Today I would like to introduce you to Samantha’s new room mate!

Molly McIntire!


Miss Molly has been at the salon all morning getting ready for her welcome party. 🙂


I rolled her hair up in pin curls. Just wrap small sections of the doll’s hair around a pencil, and pin with a bobby pin. Then remove the pencil.


Miss Molly came with this cute polka dot bathing suit. She also came with her meet skirt, navy sweater, socks and undies. The only things she is missing are her ribbons, her shoes, her white socks and her glasses.


These socks are so cute!


Okay Miss Molly, let’s get that hair done, so we can finish getting ready for the party!


Lots of curls! 🙂


Welcome Home Molly!!


We made plenty of cakes for you! 🙂


We have yet to learn a lot about Molly, but she is a historical doll from the 1940’s during World War Two. Her father is a military doctor who is overseas caring for the wounded soldiers.

Molly is a lively, feisty character who loves to tap dance, which is perfect since my daughter is going to be starting tap dancing this year. 🙂 Her family takes in an English girl, Emily Bennett whose life is being uprooted by the war.

I think that Molly is going to be fun to learn about since I am such a huge war history buff. We are definitely going to be watching her movie. The ratings are very good. ❤


I really like her eyes. They are actually a silvery grey colour, but in the pictures they look green.


Molly is wearing a pretty satin dress we found on eBay.


She is also wearing MyLifeAs sparkly pink shoes.


This is not typical Molly style, but it is definitely great for a party!


Tea anyone?

Molly typically wears two braids with ribbons at the ends, but she often laments that she wishes her hair was more curly, or that she had a different look.

We decided to grant her wish, and give her two curly pigtails with light blue barrettes instead. I think she is so cute! ❤


Alright, enough talk! Time to eat cake and party!! LOL! 🙂


Yummy!! ❤


These little cakes are perfectly mini!

IMG_2394 IMG_2393 IMG_2399 IMG_2398

Find the tutorial to make these cakes here. 


Here, have a slice!

IMG_2396 IMG_2395


Molly hasn’t met her room mate Samantha yet. She is quite nervous. She wonders if Samantha will like her.


Don’t worry, Miss Molly!


You are so cute! Who wouldn’t like you!! 🙂 ❤


Do your dolls have room mates? Leave a comment below!!

❤ ❤ ❤

8 thoughts on “A WELCOME PARTY

  1. Welcome, Molly! Molly is an awesome doll. You’ll love her. Her hair is soooo cute! That style looks adorable on her. And the cakes looked so beautiful!! 😀 Don’t worry Molly, Samantha will definitely like you!! 😀
    For now, all my dolls are in one corner of my room. They’re all roommates! LOL! At my old house, they had seperate rooms with one to three roommates.


  2. Welcome Molly! She looks like she is in terrific condition, love her new hair do. My girls have lots of roommates, Kit and Cassandra are the only ones who have their own rooms.


    1. She is in pretty good condition. The only issue is that a bit of her hair at the back of her neck has been cut but her other hair covers it up so we don’t mind. She is an American Girl Molly and not a Pleasant Company one. I would love to see your doll rooms! Are they up on your blog at all?


      1. Yes, if you look in July of last year you should be able to find them. I need to do some updated photos on a couple of them as the girls have some new furniture pieces. I’m always on the look out for something better than what I have when I’m out thrift store shopping.


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