Hey guys! Just a quick post to highlight a new segment that we are going to be doing once in a while on our blog. It will be called ‘Creations with Little Miss’

A lot of our crafts and doll scenes are done by me, Big Mrs. so I thought I might leave a little room in there for the Little Miss to display some of her creations too.

Today, she would like to show you her Littlest Pet Shop bedroom that she created out of craft foam and cardboard, along with a whole lot of imagination!


This Littlest Pet Shop bedroom comes equipped with a lovely blue bed with trundle drawers, a unique purple night table, and a closet with tons of hangers to spare.


As you can see, Freckle Puppy is enjoying the plush bedding as she watches TV in bed. Her night stand is the perfect place to store the fabulous purse that she bought last week. It’s a Cleo DeNile original. šŸ˜‰


Although she has yet to fill it with all the latest fashions, this little closet is fit for a princess.

It looks like someone was spending the day at the beach. They’ve left their snorkel mask and their beach umbrella. ā¤

I hope you enjoyed this segment of Creations with Little Miss!!

We often enjoy using these little pets for the mini dolls. Do you have any Littlest Pet Shops?

Leave a comment below!

ā¤ ā¤ ā¤


  1. So do we!! We especially love crafting for them. It’s way easier to craft for LPS and for the mini dolls than it is for the 18 inch dolls! And of course, everything miniature is so cute!!


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