Hello all!

I have a quick post today about the patio set that we put together for the dolls. This isn’t really a part of the mega dollhouse tour, but I might try to create an outside space for the dollhouse once it is completed.

For now, this little patio set just sits on top of the house. I decided to use a trifold background for these pics. I hope you enjoy!


Once we hit the greenhouses this summer, I will get some real live plants to plant in those planters. šŸ™‚


We found this little wicker table at a thrift store. I had the two chairs already, so it was a perfect match. Actually, we found these two chairs at separate thrift stores.

When I get some time, I am going to paint the entire set white so that it matches. ā¤


It’s not often that we can build an entire doll space from things found at the thrift store, but it seems that we’ve finally done it! I just realized that everything in this space was from the thrift store at one time or another. šŸ™‚

How’s that for repurposing!!!


I hope you enjoyed a relaxing stay on our patio!!

Do you have an outside space for your dolls? I would love any ideas so go ahead, and leave a comment below!

Now go have a lovely day!



7 thoughts on “DOLL PATIO SET

  1. So cute! I have one of those chairs, they must have made a ton of them, I’m always coming across them. I wonder what they were for originally?


    1. Yes, I see them all the time too! I was lucky to find the table. I think someone must have thought it was a type of basket because it was on the shelf at the back of the store with all the rest of the baskets and it was upside down. šŸ™‚

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