Hello everyone! We are very excited to announce that American Girl Doll of the Year Grace Thomas has finally come to live with us! This is a big deal for my little girl who loves baking, and everything Paris chic. She has been wanting Grace for quite some time now, and ever since she came out, she has been saving up her grandma and grandpa money for her. Well, the waiting has paid off, and Grace is finally here! We couldn’t be happier to have her, and we are so grateful to grandma and grandpa for gifting her to us. She has made herself quite at home among the other dolls and we are now spinning our gears about all of the crafty things to make for her. Right now she is whipping up some sweet treats for all the dolls in our crafty version of the bakery/ice cream parlour. The hubby and I are in talks as we speak about making a certain French Patisserie for Christmas morning so stay tuned for that one. For now, delight in the joy that is Grace, and a cute seven year old too. (Already seven!)


Isn’t she beautiful? And yes, the doll is beautiful too. 🙂


Grace Thomas, 7 years old.

Hooray for Grace!!

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