Hi guys!! I hope you aren’t sick of our Valentine’s Day bug yet! We don’t really have any Valentine’s decor for the dolls, so I thought we should probably make a few things.

Today’s craft is kind of an all in one. We are making a Valentine’s Day centerpiece with heart branches, but you can create a centerpiece for any holiday really. In fact, you can create many different decor pieces even for every day use using these ideas, so it’s not just for Valentine’s Day.

What you need:

Old plastic bottles (we used paint bottles)


White glue

Permanent markers

Goo be gone (optional)

Hot glue

Small branches

Rocks or vase filler

Scissors/exacto blade

Pink scrapbook paper

Heart hole punch


Begin by using your goo be gone or a sink of hot soapy water to remove the label from the paint bottle. Then use the exacto blade to cut the pieces you want to use.

Here is how we cut our paint bottle.

We ended up with two pieces that we wanted to use. Discard the lid. (we keep it for crafting later)

The one piece had a hole in the top where we had cut the lid off, so we cut a piece of felt to cover it.

Make a mixture of half paint and half white glue. Any colour of paint would work. We chose white.

Mix well and paint the inside of the container. You will need to do a couple of coats for good coverage. Let these dry very well, even overnight.

Next, take your pink scrapbook paper and punch out some paper hearts.

Hot glue the hearts onto each of the branches. We glued them on double sided with each branch sandwiched between two hearts.

All that’s left is to pop them in your centerpiece container. Fill your container with small rocks or vase filler. Push your branches in between the rocks. Change out the branches throughout the year for other decor.

Tie some twine around for decoration and you’re done! We added a little charm from our charm box.

With the remaining piece of the paint bottle, we painted the inside white the same way as before, but then we added a cute face with permanent marker.

This can be used for anything from flowers to makeup brushes and it would be so cute on the shelf or vanity table in the doll room. Make as many as you want, in any colour you want.

Here are some Pinterest inspiration photos.

Really the sky is the limit with these. You could cover them in scrapbook paper or felt or other fabric, wrap in twine or yarn, cover with glitter, line the inside with scrapbook paper or felt or fabric, add embellishments.

They make cute vases, pencil holders, brush holders, anything really. Fill them with doll sized cotton balls or q-tips. Perfect for a doll bathroom or bedroom!

We always have so many little plastic bottles in our recycling bin. From old paint bottles to hotel shampoo bottles to sauce bottles. Just cut the bottoms off and make some cute canister decor! So easy!

I hope you enjoyed our double tutorial today!!

I hope this keeps all your little plastic bottles out of the landfills and into the dollhouse!

Here is our recent new to us girl, Quinn enjoying some Valentine’s treats!

We received her adorable handmade outfit a few years ago in a doll Valentine’s exchange. So cute!! ❤️❤️❤️

I guess we need to make some proper doll makeup brushes. These were all we could find. 😂

Happy weekend, you guys!! I hope your day is bright and crafty!! 😊

Talk to you soon!!

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