Hi guys! So, I bet you are wondering what the fuss is all about with that title. Well, we are here to tell you!

First of all, do you have one of these?

If so, then did you know that there is an adorable little doll DIY hiding in your house, right now? Let me explain.

Okay, so I might be the only one who does this, takes things apart, and just stares at all the parts, but this time I really struck gold. The thing is our family has a lot of these empty pump soap dispensers. Mostly from gifts, or deals offering five at a time. I really don’t know why they don’t offer refills. It would really cut down on the waste.

Needless to say, whenever a Christmas or birthday rolls around, the Big Mrs. (that’s me) often receives these pretty smelling soaps. Now you can probably imagine that after having quite a number of birthdays and Christmases, I’m no spring chicken anymore, there have been quite a number for me, 😉 well, you can imagine that the empty containers begin to pile up. We do try to recycle everything we can, but we still end up with a lot of these. What can I say? They are pretty, and I am holding out for a time when they start offering refills. I also refill some of them with generic hand soap and dish soap to reuse them that way.

But not today. No, today is for taking things apart and staring at the parts until your eyes go all buggy, and your kid starts whining that you haven’t fed her all day. (Don’t worry, she’s a teen, she can fend for herself😝)

Except today you don’t have to do all that, because I have already done it for you! Tada!

Yep, all of that was hiding inside that soap dispenser bottle. Now it took some determination to get it all apart, but if you are very persistent like me, then you too will find the incredible secret.

Actually, it took an Exacto knife and a lot of patience. Parental supervision is required!

Cut the top off.
After cutting, pull this piece off. Pull it hard.
Pop!! Now it’s easy to take apart!

From your pile of parts, choose these three pieces.

Time to remove the top bit. This is tricky. Parental supervision is required.

Remove and set aside.

Here are your three pieces now lined up.

Have you solved the mystery?

Pop them in place.


What??!!! 🤩 I know right?! It’s the most perfect, cutest doll lamp ever!!!

Okay, so now you are thinking yeah, that’s pretty cool, but it’s kind of plain.


You can do anything you want with these little lamps! Wrap them in ribbon, fabric, twine, lace, the sky is really the limit. Just grab your hot glue gun, and go to town!

Fun fur!!
Ribbon and mesh!
Pom pom trim!
Golden beads
Fabric check!
Fuzzy elastic string!
Duct tape!

And so much more! You can really decorate this little lamp with anything you can find. I had this really cute ribbon pack on hand too, so I might use some of them next.

Thank you for joining us today! I hope you enjoyed uncovering our little mystery.

Let us know in the comments which one of these little lamps you like the best. I’m loving the pom poms and the fun fur!

Leave a comment below and have a crafty kind of day!


4 thoughts on “THE CUTEST DIY EVER

  1. Never would I have figured out that there was a LAMP hiding in that bottle! This just has to get itself added to my lengthening “to make” list! Thanks for this successful and fun idea too!

    Liked by 1 person

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