Hey guys! Today the dolls are in the kitchen baking up some pies. Now we have made doll pies before, but we had this new idea, and we think it turned out quite cute, so we just had to share it with you all!

What you need:

Tartlette tins


Hot glue

Popcorn kernels or beads

Air dry clay


Cutting tool

Mod podge or craft varnish

Okay, let’s bake pies! To start you will need to take your tart tins and cut them down to size. I had collected quite a few of these because I always thought that I might be able to make doll pies out of them I just didn’t know how.

Cut off about a half inch from the bottom of the tart tin. I had two sizes of these tins.

When you cut these you want to keep the parts that you cut off as we will refit them back on the bottom of the tin.

Here you can see how I flattened out the piece that I cut off to create a new bottom. Hot glue the tops of your tins to the new bottoms.

Trim the excess around the bottom of your new pie plate. We now have pie plates that are much shorter and therefore better sized for the dolls. Of course if you like the size of the tart cup already, you can skip this step entirely.

As an alternative, we found this plastic cap that fit nicely inside the tart cup. We hot glued it in place. If you use a cap like this, be sure to paint the bottom silver to match the foil tart cup. 

Fill the new pie plates with popcorn kernels or beads. We used popcorn kernels.

Use the hot glue in layers to help the kernels stick. Now if you like open pies, you can paint the kernels whatever colour you like, and seal with mod podge or craft varnish and be done.
We decided to try a couple of different top crusts using air dry clay.

Roll the clay flat. Then using the pie plate as a template cut a circle large enough to cover the top.

Mold the circle of clay over the popcorn kernels creating a bumpy texture on top of the crust. Gently pinch all the way around circle to create the pie crust edge.
Then using a toothpick or the dull edge of your cutting tool, create the crust lines all the way around the edge of the pie.

Here we made a lattice top for one of our pies.

To do this, roll the clay flat. Then using your cutting tool, cut strips.

Lay about five strips horizontally on top of your pie. Next, weave about five or six strips vertically between the horizontal strips. Once it looks how you like, trim the strips all the way around the edge of the pie. Last, take another strip of clay, and lay it evenly all the way around the edge of the pie for the crust edge. Add the crust lines as you did for the other pies.
Time to add the details!

Take a straw and pinch the end like this.

Press the end of the straw into the top of your pies in a star pattern. We also cut out a heart and a star for pie topper details.

Now it’s time to bake! We aren’t really going to bake these, but as they looked like raw pie dough at this point, we had to give them a baked look. You can use anything to colour the pies. Paint, chalks, marker. If using markers like we did, colour some ink on the top of a plastic lid and use water to brush it on with a paintbrush.

Just colour on the plate, dip your paintbrush in the water and the colour, and paint it on the crust.

And you’re done!! If you want you can seal these with mod podge or craft varnish. One of my pie crust tops actually came loose, so I had to use some tacky glue to stick it back on, and that worked perfectly. The others have not come apart, so I just left them. Do not try to pry the tops off as they will crack and break. You might be able to dry the crust separate from the pie, and then glue it on later like a puzzle piece, but I was unsure if the clay might shrink or warp during the drying process, and then not fit back together properly.

Here’s a few photos of the dolls with their pies!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! We have quite a few other interesting things going on behind the scenes over here for our dolls, so stay tuned for that!
Also I hope everyone is staying safe and well. Keep smiling and have a crafty kind of day!

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