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So just bear with me as I’m trying something new, blogging from my phone! I’ve been wanting to find new and better ways to blog lately as I tend to neglect it a lot. I always have many things I want to post about but actually getting around to it, well that’s a different matter entirely. Hopefully being able to post from my phone will encourage me to post more often. It would definitely be more convenient since all of my photos are on my phone already. The only issue that I have to figure out is how to shrink my photos. Iphone pictures, despite being beautiful, are also enormous, up to 3MB which as you can imagine eats my blog space rather quickly. If I was on my computer I would just shrink them down manually. However, I am trying to reduce the steps needed in order to do my blogging, so I’m going to need to find a way to shrink my photos directly on my phone. I don’t know if this is possible. This might just turn into me blogging drafts on my phone and then adding pictures later. We shall see.

Edit: I think I might have figured it out. Still tweaking some things but this might work for me. 😊👍🏻

Anyway, back to today’s post. I’ve been contemplating doll organization a lot lately, especially since I’ve been injured and can’t sew. I want my doll studio to be brilliantly organized by the time I can get back into it. That means I need to come up with some genius doll organizational ideas.

First up, is the shoes. Like most doll collectors, we have a MASSIVE amount of doll shoes, and boots. It’s kind of funny because I myself only have about four pairs of shoes and two pairs of boots. The dolls on the other hand are up past their eyeballs in footwear. This simultaneously makes me happy and gives me anxiety about where the heck to put them all!

Previously we had repurposed a CD tower as a storage solution but we soon outgrew that. I also didn’t like that I couldn’t really see all the shoes when I went to choose a pair for my doll to wear. Well, I wracked my brain and I finally came up with a proper solution. I was also able to reuse a whole bunch of cardboard boxes that I had lying around waiting to be recycled in the process.

I set about to build a chest of drawers. The boxes I reused were the ones that my Bumbleberry dolls came in. Yes, I still have their boxes. I have a problem with keeping recyclables. I’m getting better now that we have curb side recycling pick up, if I don’t use something after a week I can feel okay to toss it into the recycle bin, but I couldn’t part with these ones.

Cardboard works great to build doll shoe storage because shoes are very lightweight so there is no concern that the cardboard will sag.

All I did was cut the doll boxes in half.

Then I built large chests of drawers to slide them into. I used slats of cardboard on the inner walls of the chest to support the drawers.

This was all just built with hot glue, nothing fancy and it’s surprisingly sturdy! Yes, I could have just purchased two chests of drawers but this solution was free and used up a lot of my recycling. Bonus!

I love that each drawer holds so many shoes (10 pairs each times 10 drawers is 100 pairs of shoes guys!) and that you can just open the drawer and see them all!

I built two chests and then I had two trays leftover so I just stuck them on top. This solution was perfect for all of our doll shoes however, it didn’t fit the boots but that’s okay because we still have the repurposed CD tower for that.

So I am incredibly pleased with blogging on my phone! I was able to shrink my picture files after some finagling so I am also very pleased with that. I am also now able to draft posts anywhere I go. You guys, this opens up so many new possibilities for me! I know, some have been blogging from their phones for ages, but this is pretty new to me who is basically a tech dinosaur and it’s pretty dang amazing.

Okay, I’m going to go post this, so again I ask you to bear with me as I work all the bugs out. Keep it crafty all!

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