Hi guys! So a long while back we built our dolls this trundle bed.

We had always been meaning to make some bedding for these beds, but alas we were waiting for the right type of fabric to come along.

Well the other day, we were at the thrift store, and we came across something that we thought was perfect to make some doll bedding out of:

A twin sized comforter! 

We took it home for $10 and got right to work!

First, I made a pattern template. I often do this when making doll bedding because I always tend to mess up when I simply take measurements.

We made the template by laying pieces of printer paper out on top of the bed, then taping the pieces together.

Once we had our pattern, we pinned it to the comforter through all the layers.

  Next we just cut it out through all of the layers.

Arrange the fabric, right sides together with the quilt batting underneath. We kept one of the pre-existing seams to make this part easier, but it’s not necessary. Pin all of the seams. Be sure to leave a gap to turn it right side out.

 Stitch through all of the layers all the way around making sure to leave that gap for turning. 

Turn your doll blanket right side out and stitch up the gap. Easy as that! We made two for the trundle. I love that they are reversible if we want. 🙂 

Here is the finished product! I sewed up some pillows to match with some scrap fabric that I had on hand.  I love how bright and cheerful these beds look now! 

I just left the trundle blanket peeking out because it is so pretty. This bed is in Saige and Angelina’s bedroom. They are quite happy with their new bedding! 🙂 

I hope that you enjoyed!

Note: We have just finished up our dance year, so there will be a lot more time for blogging now! Hooray! 🙂 We have been neglecting quite a lot of projects that we have been working on for the dolls, so hopefully we can get them up soon.

Thanks so much for reading, and go have a crafty kind of day! 

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13 thoughts on “DIY TRUNDLE BEDDING

    1. Thank you! I thought that I would post a tutorial about this even though I’ve posted about doll bedding a whole lot in the past. I had never made doll bedding from a pre-made comforter before, and I found that it turned out to be easier than having to start from scratch with scraps of fabric and batting. I will probably use this method again in the future for sure. Saves cutting out the separate pieces! 🙂 I am glad that you enjoyed!


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