Hello all!!

We are here for the reveal of our dollhouse bedroom #2!!! I know I am so late with this post, but we are finally getting it out there! Hooray! 🙂 I am pleased to announce that the bottom floor of our mega dollhouse is complete!!

Okay, so again bear with me on the bad photos. The lighting in the dollhouse is terrible, and I never claimed to be a photographer anyway.

This little bedroom is the yellow room! It is a shared bedroom with a bunkbed.


I’m guessing this room is flower themed. I found the flowered contact paper at Canadian Tire. I also found a lot of other contact paper there, so that takes care of the wallpaper for the other rooms! Doll house wallpaper is sure hard to come by! The flowers on the adjacent wall are just craft foam cut outs that I made. I hot glued them on there.

 I also built the night table myself. I needed a tall one, because the bunkbed is already so tall.

I am loving all of the little details in this room!! ❤


In this corner of the room is our doll desk that we made. I painted the chair to match.


I love this corner! There is quite a lot going on in here, but that’s what makes it so fun! I really enjoyed decorating the shelf unit. 🙂


Here is a closer view of the shelf. I found it at a thrift store, and painted it white. There’s everything on there from mini Christmas ornaments, framed art, kitty figurines, even a troll (remember those?) as well as a perler bead creation that my daughter made a while back.

Anything goes really!


The desk has an iPad, a notebook and a cellphone all from the dollar store. The iPad actually makes sounds and lights up! Fun!

I also put two plant pots in this room to go with the flower theme. Here is a close up of the flower pots. I think they are so darn cute!! They used to be tea light candles, but I did away with the wax.


Love! ❤


I put the other little flower pot on the night table. I also made the picture frame above it. I found five of these wooden frames at a thrift store.

Here is how I painted them. I added scrapbook paper on the inside. Then I just painted right on the glass.


I think they are so cute! 🙂


Here is a close up of one of the frames in the doll room. The others are on the opposite shelf.


I have two more frames left that I will be using in one of the other rooms in the doll house.


I love that the night table has two shelves. It has lots of space for more nick nacks or books or whatever we might find! For now, I just put a little porcelain dolly in there, along with a dollar store harmonica.


There is another little porcelain dolly on the couch. This is the MyLifeAs  convertible sofa. It turns into a bed. I think it is a bit small for a doll sofa, but it works in this room. We needed more seating. 🙂


Here is a look at the desk chair that I painted. I glued a flower on the back to match the desk as well as the rest of the room.


We bought these bunk beds from a lady off of Facebook for twenty dollars. They are vintage and very sturdy. All of the bedding came with these beds. I loved that it was flowered so it already matches the theme. Nothing for me to sew here!!

I also love that the top bunk has a rail, so no one will fall off the bed, and break their neck. Often doll bunk beds do not have this feature, and the dolls are left to sleep up there at their own risk.


Here are some stuffy bunnies and bears for added cuteness. ❤


Here comes Madison now. She is already wearing her puppy slippers. It looks like she is getting comfy in the new doll bedroom. 🙂


“Come on up, Madi!!” says Summer. She has already climbed up on the top bunk. “There is plenty of room up here! I can even sit up, and I won’t bonk my head on the ceiling!”


“Are you coming up or not?”

Madi says that she prefers the bottom bunk. Summer reluctantly climbs back down.


“Oh my gosh, Madi! There’s a puppy!” Summer immediately makes a beeline toward the dog.


The puppy, whose name is Cinnamon, doesn’t seem to mind at all!

“That tickles!” Summer laughs as Cinnamon licks her fingers.


“Wouldn’t it be great if this was our room, Madi?”

Madison agrees. As long as she gets the bottom bunk that is. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed the tour of the second bedroom in our mega dollhouse!!  Stay tuned for the next reveal!


Also be sure to leave a comment below!

❤ ❤ ❤




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    1. Thanks! I’m not sure what that shelf was before. I got it at a thrift store. It looked like a ladder maybe? It works perfectly as a shelf though! 🙂


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