Hello beautifuls!

It’s a gorgeous day outside! What a perfect time for the reveal of the very first completed room in our 18 inch dollhouse! I am so excited! πŸ™‚

After tons of hard work and sweat, (I swear this was better than going to the gym) I now present to you the dollhouse KITCHEN!!

There are a lot of pics so bear with me. I was pretty excited, and got a bit carried away. LOL!


Here is the overview! Don’t mind the bad lighting, it’s really dark inside dollhouse room boxes. I might think about some lighting, but for now we have to make do.

Let’s go inside shall we? πŸ™‚


First off we have the little kitchen corner eating area nook. The plaque on the wall is from the dollar store. It used to be hanging on my wall in my own house, but I think it looks better in the dollhouse! LOL

The windows are picture frames with magazine pictures inside.

I love the little potato bin and the metal milk can! These were thrift store finds along with the little pitcher.

The potato bin even opens at the top. ❀


Here is the island. It takes up a lot of room in the dollhouse kitchen, but I love having so much counter space. This island is actually from the ice cream parlour that we made a while back. It’s making a great comeback in the dollhouse. πŸ™‚ The hanging shelf is from the dollar store.


Here is the other side of the kitchen. The shelf on the wall used to hold magnetic dress up dolls. The other milk can was another thrift store find.


Here we have the cooking corner. I made this little stove/cabinet combo for our other dollhouse a while back. It fits nicely in this kitchen for now. We haven’t decided what we want to do for a fridge yet.

The little rack of utensils is just a piece of wood with nails for hooks. The utensils were a thrifty find by my mom. They are just too cute!!


Here is a closer look at that corner shelf. It isn’t very deep, but it holds the doll cups nicely.


The other shelf in the house holds the plates. I absolutely adore the turkey platter. It was another thrift store find. When my girl saw it, she said, “Does this mean that we can make a doll turkey?” Well, we can sure try!! πŸ™‚


The other side of the shelf holds the soup tureen. I just love this piece as well. It only cost ten cents, and it is the perfect size for the dolls.


A lot of the doll food are sets by Sophia. They can be found on Amazon. Here is a rundown of some of the sets that they have. They are too cute and I highly recommend them for the price.

(The bowl of apples are made by me here.)


Lemonade Set

This is adorable. It comes with everything seen as well as a pretty blue and white striped table cloth. I love that everything is perfectly sized for the dolls, whereas I am told that other brands can run a bit small. The attention to detail is also adorable. Look at those ice cubes!!


Treat Sets

These sets offer a lot of fun, realistic looking treats, and Sophia provides some really great mix and match packages. The treat stand, and the petit fours on the middle tier are Sophia brand as well as the milkshake.

The top tier are Newberry cupcakes. They are quite small, and the bottom tier are the Our Generation brand, also on the small side.

(The salads were made by me here.)


More treats by Sophia! ❀ I adore the banana splits. They come two to a set, and they are so detailed and fun! I also love the ice cream cones. They come four in a set. The little green teacups are also Sophia brand. They come with purple saucers.

(I made the salt and pepper shakers from dry erase marker lids. I might do a tutorial on that later.)


More doll treats from Sophia. I love that the donuts are separated!

(The raddichio salad is made by me here.)


I also like the Sophia brand cupcakes. They come in bright colours, and I feel like they are just the right size for doll play.


These little tarts are super cute too. (These are the purple teacup saucers) I love that the Sophia’s brand has so many different types of bakery treats rather than just cupcakes. All of the utensils that you see are also by Sophia.

I know this is starting to sound like an advertisement! LOL! But these little sets don’t skimp on the details. They come with napkins, placemats, trays and plenty of utensils. πŸ™‚


I can’t say enough about the Sophia brand frozen yogurt bowls! My daughter loves to use these with her Lea’s Fruit Stand we made.

The little root beer floats are also by Sophia. We got them back when we made Maryellen’s Seaside Diner. πŸ™‚


We can’t forget Sophia’s tiered birthday cake!! The cake stand was a thrift store find by my mom. ❀


Valentine’s Set

How cute is this?? Seriously! πŸ™‚ ❀ This set comes with two hot chocolate mugs, two spoons, a plate, two heart shaped cookies, two cake pops (see below) and two chocolate covered strawberries. What?? πŸ˜›

This is one of my favourite sets by Sophia.

In the background is a box of chocolates. This was a Newberry buy, except for the two truffles in the yellow paper cups. They are treats by Sophia, along with the two chocolate tuxedo log cakes.

The toaster with the bread is from a child’s play food set that we got so long ago that I forget. It’s the perfect size for the dolls though! I might consider painting it chrome since orange/yellow isn’t exactly toaster friendly. LOL


Here are the cake pops! And they are proportional to the dolls. This is the Sophia brand teapot that goes with the green teacups. It is quite cute. The lid comes off, and it can be used just like a real teapot. All of Sophia brand doll food is made of plastic, which I think is best for children.


I was thrilled to find these little veggies at the thrift store. They came on a rope, but I just cut them off. They are made of glass, but they are too cute! They aren’t completely proportional to the dolls, but I think that they make up for it in pure cuteness.

The bread is made of plastic and comes from a child’s play food set. The little roasting dish is from Winners.


I made the little gingerbread men back when we made Grace’s Bakery. They are actually sugar icing decorations. I just put a couple of coats of varnish on them. haha! Too cute!!

The bread loaves are from the Newberry coffee shop.

Here are some more views of the kitchen! Enjoy! ❀


Boy, someone has been doing a lot of baking! Good thing there is a lot of counterspace! πŸ™‚


The plaque on the wall reads: Family is where your story begins. ❀


I just love how it turned out!


Let’s see how our Isabella enjoys the new kitchen!


Here she is now!

Hi, Isabella! Have you been doing all of this baking?


Yup! I’ve got so much to do! I have to get this pot roast in the oven too!


Oh my! You do sound busy! Would you like some help?


No, that’s okay! I’ve got this!


Um, maybe you shouldn’t be standing on there, Isabella. It looks a bit wobbly. That doesn’t look safe at all.


Don’t be silly! I do this all the time! How else can I reach my baking supplies?


Maybe I should go get you a step stool or something. Hang on! I’ll be right back!


Oh my goodness! Isabella? Are you okay? Isabella???!!!


Groan! Maybe next time I should wait for the step stool!


Here, why don’t you have some freshly squeezed lemonade. That should make you feel better. πŸ™‚


Did you like my photo story? If so, leave a comment below! Oh and don’t worry, Isabella is doing just fine. πŸ˜›

Stay tuned next week for the reveal of the second room in our dollhouse adventure!












  1. You are amazing! After seeing your dollhouse my girls have been asking, and asking. Once ringette is over we are going to buckle down and make one too😊


  2. Sooooooo many great finds, love it!!! I’d paint the toaster a different color, we have a red toaster in real life. Love the potato bin, what a fantastic find.


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