Hi guys! I don’t have a full tutorial for this project, but I just wanted to throw it out there in case anyone was pining for Monster High Abby Bominable’s cute little ice bed and wanted to make one of their own. I adore this bed, and my daughter does too, so I know that there is a ton of play value here.

To make this bed, I used some plastic recycled packaging that I had on hand. The packaging was used to hold an instruction manual for an electronic device, but the indent that it left was perfectly sized for the doll.

I covered the entire piece in thick drips of hot glue to make it look like ice.


Next I added the headboard. I used another piece of plastic packaging for this, but a plastic lid would work just as well. I decorated the headboard with gems, more hot glue ice drips, and a piece from a winter snowflake air freshener that I had.

I love how it turned out!

IMG_0663 IMG_0666 IMG_0665

Last, I glued some white craft foam to the bottom of the bed, adding some beads for legs.


Once the bed frame was complete, it was time to make the bedding. I used a Barbie pillow as a mattress. Then I cut out some cotton batting in the shape of a blanket. I glued on some trim and added another gem.

For the pillow I just took some cotton batting and folded it in half. Then I hot glued it to resemble a pillow, stuffing it with some more cotton. I added more trim to match the bedspread.


There you have it, a bed fit for an ice queen! The styrofoam snowballs are my favourite. ā¤

I just love it!


Abby likes it too! Snowball fight anyone? šŸ˜›


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