It’s no secret that we love Lalaloopsy.

We love their big button eyes. We love their cutie patootie pie names. We love that each one of them comes with an adorable little pet, and we love love love that they come in mini size as well as tiny size. I mean really, how much cute can one person handle?

It’s also no secret that we have a bunch of these little cuties, a whole bucketful of minis to be precise. We have also been lucky enough to find some of their houses second hand, and some of their little furniture sets on clearance. We even found the little school bus for $1.99 at a thrift store. Awesome.

Now all of that was fine and good, and it provided tons of play options to keep my little girlie happy.

But then I always get to thinking, and here is what I thought about.

There was only one bed with no covers. There was no LaLa living room to chillax in, and in fact there wasn’t even really any space in the plastic little house that we had to put a living room, and there was no bathroom either.

No bathroom? I thought. How can you even have a dollhouse without these things?

But then I tried to rein myself in. Hey, I can be practical. Sometimes.

No, I told myself. No more crafting! There are things to do!

And these were the important things, practical things, like spelling tests to study for, and other homework, agendas to sign, lunches to make etc.There was to be absolutely no more crazy crafting. My girl is in grade one now. We have to accept reality, right?

I have a lot of trouble accepting reality. I mean, frankly, I have never been a huge fan of it. Reality is that negative thing that makes people believe that their dreams are not possible. Reality is a real bummer to have at a party, and for that, I don’t particularly subscribe to it.

So, once we knew that we weren’t about to accept reality, we could get on with our crafting fun. Bliss.

What’s the first thing that you have to do when you want to build a dollhouse? Find something to build it in! That’s right! See? I’m all about the learning.

I wanted something sturdy. I also wanted something that could be accessed from the front rather than the top. I went to my cardboard box stash and here is what I found.


This box once held the Our Generation bathtub that we purchased for the 18 inch dollhouse. I like these boxes because not only are they sturdy, but they are also pretty. That means that I don’t have to cover it in scrapbook paper. One less step for me is always practical and like I said, I can be practical. Sometimes.

As you can see, I built a sort of rooftop terrace. I didn’t want to waste the space on top of the box because it allows for even more play. I had some little fence pieces left over from our 6 inch doll beds, so I just tacked them on there with hot glue. Now the dolls can party, and they won’t fall off the roof. I will probably get some more fence pieces to glue all the way around the top, but I was just using what I had on hand at the time.

I took a piece of cardboard and glued it in place as a second floor as well. I added scrapbook paper for wallpaper, and the dollhouse was done. Now, if you wanted to, you could add more detail inside the house using scrapbook paper for flooring, but my girl could care less about floors, and that was just extra work for me. I might go back and hang some pictures on the walls later, but for now, here is what the finished product looks like.

Time for the furniture. Like I said, we managed to acquire some pieces on clearance, but that was just a bed and a kitchen. I wanted to make a living room for the dolls, as well as a bathroom. I just didn’t have any idea what I should make the furniture pieces out of.

So the Lalaloopsy dollhouse had to be put away for awhile as I tried to figure out what I was doing. 🙂

Then one day I ran out of eggs. Whenever I run out of eggs, I always just sit there and sort of stare at the empty egg carton for a little while, trying in vain to find its crafting potential. I never do of course, and then I always end up having to force myself to throw it away. I just hate doing that, don’t you?

But I can never for the life of me figure out what to use them for, so I always just sit and stare at them for like twenty minutes, before I finally, reluctantly, throw them away.

This time however, as I was sitting there staring at my empty egg carton, it came to me. I could use it to make the Lalaloopsy furnitures! Hooray!

At first the idea of egg carton furnitures seemed a little preschool to me. You know what I mean. Those crafts that your little one takes about five seconds to make, but that you are expected to cherish until their millennial birthday.

Yeah I throw all of that straight into the trash bin. To me there is no sentimental value in a craft that merely proves that your kid can hold a crayon long enough to scribble all over a paper plate or in this case, an egg carton.

Despite the preschool vibe that I was getting, they actually came out pretty cute. Here is a rundown of the supplies that I used:

Egg carton (styrofoam one)

Craft foam stickers

Hot glue



Buttons (it just isn’t Lalaloopsy without the buttons)

Small piece of card stock (table top)




I started out making the living room since we didn’t have anything of that nature.

Here are some pics. Just use your imagination and your egg carton will come to life. 🙂


I ended up making two couches, one from the egg carton and one out of cardboard. I had this cute polka dot fabric that worked really well. The side table is just a thread spool with a button glued on top.

And here are the girls rocking out in their new living room. Sometimes the kitchen chairs work as living room chairs too, and sometimes an octopus comes over to visit.


The kitchen table is just two egg carton pieces glued together with a round piece of card stock glued on top. I found that the egg carton pieces made great chair bases as well.  Or glue two together and cut out the front of the top for a cute round chair. Easy right?

Here is the kitchen table and chairs. You could add more to your kitchen if you like, the possibilities are endless, but we already had a sink and a stove as well as another table and chairs set.

IMG_4276 IMG_4277IMG_4278

The lid of the egg carton was very useful because it already had curves in it. I used it for the backs of the kitchen chairs and the back of the couch. Add foam stickers, buttons and fabrics to find your own style. 🙂

Here are the girls having a pancake party at their new table!


Okay so we had our living room and our new kitchen. The next thing that I had to tackle was the bathroom. I mean, you can’t have a dollhouse without a bathroom right?

For this project, I have to give props to my favourite crafty mama MyFroggy. You can find her fabulous Lalaloopsy bathroom tutorial here.

I will probably add some more detail to this little bathroom later, but for now I think it is pretty cute.


Here are the pieces separately:

IMG_4281 IMG_4282IMG_4280

So almost done. The only thing left to do was to make some beds that had actual blankets on them. I wanted the beds to be soft and comfy. I headed back over to MyFroggy to check out some of her bed tutorials. What I found here, enabled me to make these:


Too cute! 🙂 I just added some blankets


And voila!


Our dolls love their new beds! (of course)



The last thing to do was set up our dollhouse! Click on the gallery below:



I hope you enjoyed creating a Lalaloopsy dollhouse with me! As you can see, the Littlest Pet Shop critter also wanted to come and play. I made a little hot tub for him from the centre of a drink tray. 🙂



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