To go along with the previous post, I wanted to add in this adorable craft. You can just call it a bonus craft for your critter babies to enjoy.

My girl has a lot of critter babies. There seems to be a lot more appeal to her in the babies, pretty much anything baby related really, but animal babies are her absolute fave. I think most kids are like this.

So I created this cute little baby themed playhouse for them. It has a roof that comes off that doubles as a fun play tent for if they ever feel like going camping. Here is what you need:

Popsicle sticks

Craft foam


Baby themed scrapbook stickers and other embellishments.

I had a plethora of baby stickers from when I thought that I might try my hand at scrapbooking. My left-handed inability to cut in a straight line no matter how hard I try, and my absolute impatience for fiddling with finicky bits that result in very little gratification, pretty much kiboshed that idea. Of late I have acquired a paper cutter which works like a charm, but the novelty of being a scrapbooking queen has completely worn off.

What you also need is a small cardboard box with a divider down the middle of it. It isn’t necessary, I just wanted to create two little rooms inside the play hut. You could just take two small boxes and glue them together too. That would work just as well.

I just used one of the protein shake boxes that I had at the time. I looked at it and realized that it would be perfect for the project. Often I just see the potential in things. A lot of the time I realize that I could have just done it a different way, and it would have been easier, but often that is after the fact.

Anyway, so I had this little box. The first thing I did was paint it all up and add the craft stickers. There isn’t much of a tutorial for this one because the picture just says it all:


Again, one of the rooms is pink and the other is purple. I have no idea why I do that.

As you can see, my box has a front yard and a backyard. I cut out doors so that the critters could easily move from room to room. I cut two front doors and one back door.

This is the house without the roof.


I added wall borders to each of the rooms as well as some other embellishments from the scrapbook pile. Then I made the roof. I constructed it out of popsicle sticks. I painted it green and cut green craft foam for shingles. It is a very simple design and it fits nicely right on top.


This is the front yard. I cut a little gate in the tray that my box was in. I also painted a little fence all the way around the place, adding felt flowers and other stickers.


The back yard is more open to play. There is only one back door but you can design yours any way that you like. The little table is just a large bottle top with a round sticker on top.

I just love that the roof is removable and can be used separately as a camping tent. It gives much easier access to the inside of the playhouse too.


Bring on the critter babies!!

Apparently cow babies, elephant babies and rabbit babies are all exactly the same size. Oh well, no mind. šŸ™‚


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