I have been meaning to post about this for a while now. Most of the delay has come from me trying to decide how to go about documenting all of the tiny little details, but a lot of it also has to do with simple procrastination.

And so it begins, but now that I am on a roll, nothing can stop me.

Except my mother and my sister, who are on their way over here in less than half an hour, while I am still in my pyjamas.

No mind! They know that I am not Martha Stewart! I have never once claimed to be! In fact, I am faking it mostly, so none of it matters! (I’m going to go out on a limb and presume that Martha Stewart is faking it mostly too).

Oops! There’s the doorbell, and my life is getting away from me again!

To be continued…;)

I’m back! Now I am cozying into a nice cup of tea for an evening of blogging. All is quiet, the house is sleeping, and I can finally get down to some real business. So, where were we?

Today I have a sweet little tutorial for all of you Lalaloopsy doll fans out there. We adore these little dolls with their big button eyes. My daughter has a few of the larger ones and a whole bucketful of the minis.

We have also just recently acquired a plethora of the newly released Lalaloopsy Tinies ,which in my opinion ups these doll’s cuteness factor even higher, if that is even possible. The Lala Tinies are essentially mini minis. How stinkin’ cute is that?

Okay so for this tutorial you will need some polymer clay and a cutting tool.

Nothing too over the top as I am not an expert by any means. Please follow the photo tutorial below for more information.

1. Make a ball for the head.
2.Roll a ball. Flatten for hair.
3. Attach hair to head as shown.
4. Pinch hair at back.
4.Pinch hair at back.
5. Cut off excess.
6. Smooth hair in back. Add detail.
Make a ball. Cut two lines for ponytails.
7. Make a ball. Cut two lines.
Fan out edges.
8. Fan out edges.
Attach ponytails to head.
9. Attach ponytails to head.

Now at this point you can either leave the head as is and wait until after you bake the doll to paint a face on, or you can create a face in polymer clay like this:

1. Attach cheeks
1.Attach cheeks
2. Use end of cutter tool.
3. Attach eyes.
4. Flatten.
5. Add detail with tool or toothpick.
5. Add detail with tool or toothpick.

To make a body for your little doll charm, please follow the easy steps below:

1. Make a cone. Set aside.
Make an apron.
2. Make an apron.
Attach apron to body.
3. Attach apron to cone.
4. Attach arms to body.
Make legs.
5. Make legs. Set aside.

To make boots:

1. Roll a ball. Cut centre.
This is what you should have.
2. This is what you should have.
Pinch and work to get this shape.
3. Pinch and work to get this shape.
Attach boots to legs.
4. Attach boots to legs.

Now you can put it all together and bake! Be sure to bake at 275C for approximately 12-15 minutes. If you would like to add a jewelry finding, do so before baking.

Bake at 275C.

Once she is done baking, paint on the rest of her details: eyelashes, smile and splatters of paint.


What a sweet little charm!!


Here’s another little sweetie:


Make as many as you want!


IMG_3365 IMG_3361

I have not varnished these lovely girlies yet, but once I do, they will be absolutely perfect for little pockets. Enjoy!

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