Hello! Here is something that I have been meaning to post about for a while now. I just haven’t gotten around to it.

First I wanted to show you all of the amazing wall dolls that this woman has created. They are called Tutika and to me they are so cute! They resemble a babushka style doll and they make very adorable little girl room decor.

Of course, I saw them and I immediately wanted to make one too. But then I got to thinking…

I wanted to make a doll for the wall in my daughter’s room but instead of it just being a piece of decor, I wanted it to be more interactive. What I came up with was this:


Very cute right? She also turned out quite Dora the Explorer-ish in my opinion as my daughter was completely obsessed at the time.

But just wait until you see what she does!! I was so inspired!



She is magnetic! All of her outfits can be mixed, matched and interchanged! What’s more, all of her leggings are reversible so there are even more colours on the back to choose from!

Here is what you will need:

Craft foam

Scrapbook Paper

Google Eyes

Sheets of magnet

Felt for hair

Sticky glitter sheets


The doll itself is constructed entirely of lightweight craft foam. I just cut out a circle for her head and a dress shape for her body. Her hair is made out of felt with another piece of craft foam for a hairband. I added arms, google eyes and lips. The doll is lightweight and can be affixed to the wall using a small finishing nail. Put a strip of magnet that runs the length of the doll. This way it doesn’t matter where the outfit lands, it will stick.

The doll dresses are made from scrapbook paper and pieces of glitter sticker paper. I just added pieces of magnet on the back. Be sure that the magnet on the dresses holds the opposite charge as that on the doll.

For the leggings, I used scrapbook paper. I used craft foam for the legs. Then I just cut some shoe shapes from glittery sticker paper and stuck them on there.

Here is the tricky part:

To make the leggings reversible, cut out two pairs of pants from two different coloured scrapbook papers. On the back of each affix a magnet ensuring that the charge is opposite the charge on the doll as before. Make absolute sure that one of the magnets is a bit higher than the other so they are not in the same spot when you glue the pants together. Glue the leggings together magnet sides facing in. The magnets are now sandwiched between the scrapbook paper, but they are not on top of each other. Add a pair of legs and close the whole thing up.

I hope that makes sense and I hope you try making one of these sweet dolls for your lovely lady! Even if it doesn’t have an interchangeable wardrobe, they are still extra cute and little girls just love them!

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