Hello! So here we are in the full swing of summer and I haven’t had one speck of time for this blog. We have been pool partying, waterparking and just enjoying the weather in general.

I found this idea on Pinterest last winter and I had to share it with you all because it ties in nicely with all of our summer water fun.

Also, since we have been having our fair share of a ball in the summer heat, we thought that Polly should too. We decided that she was due for a  summer vacay anyway and where better than with all of her pals down at the beach?

So we built her one. Now we built this when it was -40C outside and everyone was miserable. This was the perfect project for daydreaming about summer.

We had to bust it out again now though because it is a lot of fun to play with outside in the real sunshine too.

The basics are a photo box lid filled with tropical sand from the pet store. You could use any type of lid as long as it has a deep enough lip on it. I bet a stretched canvas would work as well or you could even build your beach inside a shallow box. Have fun!!


IMG_1383 IMG_1384 IMG_1386 IMG_1387 IMG_1388 IMG_1393


I think that the Polly Pocket boy has had too much to drink. That last pic looks like a drunken frat party. HaHa!

I hope you enjoy and that you will make a beach for all of your Polly’s to hang at this summer!

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