The second piece of furniture that took me an ice age to find was a desk that would fit into the insanely small space in my daughter’s room. Whoever builds these new houses doesn’t take into account that people actually have to live in the rooms that are in them. Especially children people. Why is it that the houses have all gotten bigger but the kid’s rooms have all gotten smaller? This doesn’t make any sense to me.

Anyhow, that was where I stood. In a teeny tiny closet of a room without a place to put any actual furniture at all. Everything is all angles and doors but there is no real space. So this is what I found:


I swear this desk is from the 1800’s or from when people were actually dwarves. That chair isn’t even the chair that came with the desk. That had disappeared into the land of the lost things and when I tried to find a chair to repurpose to actually fit this desk, it was nearly impossible. Like I said, the desk is so small. But that is what I love about it. It fits in such a wee tiny space. It actually doesn’t mind one bit being tucked up against the wall like that and it doesn’t make a fuss but instead tries its best to stay out of the way.

The funny thing about this desk is that despite being tiny, there is actually a lot of room inside of it. It’s almost as if it is bigger on the inside. (sorry, for the cliche Doctor Who reference, I couldn’t resist) This little desk has drawers the size of small planets on the inside. Everything fits inside them. For that, I am eternally grateful.

And it only cost me $20. What a good little desk. It was just really ugly though. So of course I had to spruce it up with some paint. I changed out the hardware too.


Tada! It’s just amazing what a brand new coat of paint and primer will do. Oh and don’t forget the varathane. This one I just sprayed everything evenly. Except for the top. For that, I used the brush on and I gave it several coats until it was thick like plastic. That way everything just wipes right off.

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