Many of these posts are past projects but I am posting about them now because I have finally decided to start a blog about all of my adventures in crafting.

That being said, a lot of these projects are still going strong in my house and have held up to actual play.

Mermaidia is one of those projects.

I got the initial idea from one of my favourite blogs. You can see it on Filth Wizardry here. You have to check out the other amazing things that she has done with play dough. It’s brilliant.

Needless to say, we wanted something a little bit more permanent.

We love Barbie. We love mermaids. We love Barbie as a mermaid. In fact, we love anything water related. Except for swimming and getting our faces wet. That might still change though.

But if we had a mermaid’s tail, we would probably love swimming too.

Since we aren’t mermaids, (super drat on that one btw) we had to make do.

Sure enough, Mermaidia was born.

The tutorial for this one is relatively simple.

Just take one of the lids from an under the bed storage bin and line it with tin foil. For extra stability, I used some packing tape to keep the foil on and to mimic the idea of water. Another great idea is to put some pretty coloured stones and pebbles on the foil and then tape the whole thing over. The lid has a little ridge in it so the rocks and things stay under the tape and the tape is transparent so you can see them. Kinda neat, like water? Almost.

Anyway, here are some of the finished product pics. I know, the mermaid has some pretty wicked hair going on:








Here is a list of some of the supplies that we used, but you can use anything:



Bead necklaces

Glass pebbles

Plastic dollar store furnitures

We even used a milk carton jug to make a little mermaid cave. We hung some plastic netting that used to hold some marbles as a hammock. See the awesome ladies at Filth Wizardry for more great plastic jug houses.  We just love that blog of theirs!! 🙂




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