Hi there! Welcome to my new blog creation! I hope that you find it worthwhile, and that you join me for countless hours of, and let’s just be honest here, what’s known as faking it, mostly, but having tons of fun in the process!

I am starting this blog because I have realized over the years that there are so many ideas that I would like to share. Some are my own ideas while others have been borrowed from other great bloggers to be embellished upon.

Needless to say, I am finally going to put them all down here for you all to have, and to keep should you ever want to use or embellish upon them yourself. 🙂 Some of my projects have been created pre-blog so there might not be as many tutorial pics for those, but no mind. I can definitely make up in words what I lack in illustration!

Now without further adieu, I never really know what to put in these welcome posts anyway, why don’t we just get started shall we? ❤




16 thoughts on “WELCOME!

  1. Samantha and Becky have been nominated for the Sisters Award! Check out my blog, THe Savage Dolls, to see what they get to do. Congratulations!


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